"The Nature of the Atom" will be available in August 2021.

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Here you can find the full Appendix H of the book:


Hand-out "The New Neutron" - ISCMNS/ICCF21 conference in Ft. Collins Colorado, USA.

Poster SAM Poster SAM at the ICCF-21 Conference 2018

Poster ICCF-22 Assisi, Italy 2019

Animation of all the elements of the PTE

Video file


EU2017 conference in Phoenix Arizona, USA - "A proposal for a structured atomic nucleus"…

Bath England EU 2018 conference

ISCMNS ISCMNS 13th workshop 2018 in Italy

Tesla Tech 2018 Conference, Albuquerque, USA

2018 BoulderSSE presents James Sorensen - Electricity, The Driving Force of Nature

part 1

part 2

"Dynamic Earth" EU2019 Conference in Bath, England (Edo)

"Dynamic Earth" EU2019 Conference in Bath, England (James)

Part 1

Part 2

ICCF22 - Nuclear Transmutations and Mass Defect

ICCF23 - Nature of the Atom - The Explanatory Power of the Structured Atom Model