The Foundation

We have created a foundation named "Stichting Structured Atom Model" (KvK 78251664), based in the Netherlands to be the entity to manage all things related to the Structured Atom Model.

Stichting Structured Atom Model
Halvemaanweg 10
7323 RW Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
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The foundation “Stichting Structured Atom Model” promotes the collaboration between scientists, and scientific institutes and Supports fundamental and analytical research and experiments. The foundation is the keeper of the Structured Atom Model and uses its assets in order to further develop and promote this work to the world.

The foundation is composed of the board (of directors) and a supervisory council, supported by a secretary and treasurer. The board determines the targets for the foundation according to short and long term plans. The supervisory council checks if the established targets are within the mandate of the foundation.

Board Supervisory council
Chairman: J. E. Kaal J. A. Sorensen
Secretary/Treasurer: A. P. J. S. Kerkdijk A. Otte
J. G. Emmming

This website is where the foundation has its portal to the outside world. The model, presented material (books, video's and presentations) and current projects are published on this website. Scientific progress with the current projects is also published on this website. The foundation holds and keeps the knowledge accumulated about SAM and off-shoots from it, including knowledge about technological applications.

We want science to be for all to see and use. Open-source science would be the appropriate term. This does not mean that we blindly publish anything, but we also do not censor scientific information.

We strive for the development of tooling, i.e. the atom-builder / viewer and to expand these tools further for fusing and fissioning functionality and the creation of a molecule builder to be able to show the molecular structure of minerals and biochemicals for example.

Current focus and activities

  • The main focus is towards the structure of the nucleus of the elements, as well as the practical application of this knowledge in future technology, i.e. LENR.
  • Experiments are envisioned that will lead to falsification or validation of SAM and increase the predictive capability of the model.
  • We want to find collaborating parties for experiments that will lead to falsification or validation of SAM through proposed transmutation experiments.