The Future

Book page - 2 years 11 months ago

Current research still focuses on structure and on creating a corresponding PTE. Half the elements still need to be 'created' in the builder. We are currently, for example looking at the possibility of the existence of elements half-way the PTE that have not yet been discovered. Why is it that nature tends to skip certain steps? I believe that ultimately these elements will be either discovered or created and still will (I think) validate this proposal for a structured atom model. Keep the focus on structure and on the creation of a PTE 50% of all elements have been created in the builder, leaving the other 50% still to be done Definite possibility of undiscovered elements Ultimately these elements will either be discovered or created Investigate why nature tends to skip or favor certain steps in the progression of the elements This concept for a structured atom model will ultimately be proven valid, despite these, yet unresolved questions.

At the time of this writing the elements that have been re created can be seen in the Atom Viewer. This will most likely stay free for all. The Atom Builder that allows users to re-create element themselves and or stable / unstable isotopes will likely be released for a small yearly fee as a part of a bigger functionality package meant for students, researchers and enthousiasts.