Fictional All Nuclet Atom
Fictional All Nuclet Atom

Note: The All Nuclet Atom is an impossibility. We use it here for demonstration purposes only. This atom depicts all the different types of nuclets.

Depiction of atom with its parts described

In the image above we show all possible nuclets. They are listed below in the order in which they grow.

  1. Neutral capping - This shows when a branch has grown to a neutral point and is no longer chemically reactive. 4 additional protons have been added to one side of a carbon nuclet.
  2. Neutral capping with additional proton -- An additional 'neutron' (proton electron pair) has been added to balance the structure or to create an isotope.
  3. Lithium Nuclet - 7 Protons - The next step in growth from a neutral capping is to add another proton and create the lithium nuclet.
  4. Beryllium - 9 protons - This is an intermediate state between the lithium and carbon nuclets.
  5. Boron - 11 protons -- This is also an intermediate state.
  6. Carbon - 12 protons -- This is the completed icosahedron - a perfect structure.
  7. Initial Ending - Both sides of the carbon are capped making this branch completely neutralized - when all branches are capped the element is a noble gas.
  8. Final ending - final shape of the carbon nuclet which makes the so called 'backbone' of the atom.

Interactive Fictional Atom Demonstrating All Possible Nuclets


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